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Name: Kayla
Birthday: Sept. 9
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Drink?: Not yet~
Smoke?: No
Eat cake?: Hell yeah.
Believe in True Love?: Yes.
Afraid of the dark?: Yes. 
Cat person: Animal person in general.
Virgin?: Yes.


Shampoo: Whatever works. :I
Disney song: HELLFIRE!
Actress: Ehhh, don’t really pay attention.
Car: One that… works?
Person: Bill Watterson
Type of Weather: Not too cold, not too hot
Color: Blue and Purple
90s Sitcom: Boy Meets World


What is your special talent/skill as a roleplayer?  
Character exploration and development

What is your favorite type of roleplay genre, and why?
Whatever gets me pumped

Why did you pick your muse?
Rubeus: Cuz he was open and I knew there would be little to no other Rubeuses

Ammon: Curiosity and wanting to have a character that’s not a loner by choice

If you could write any other muse - but know you don’t have the muse for him/her - who would it be?

What is one thing you think you need to work on as a partner?
Keeping up with replies

What would be your warning label to other roleplayers?

What is your favorite episode/scene of your muse?
The two seconds he shows up in the Anime, solidifying the Black Moon’s Clan status if we weren’t positive of it before

What crack!ships do you have for your muse? 
Ammon/Scarves idunno

What is your senpai blog for someone who plays the same muse as you? 
The wonderful things about Ammons is being a wonderful thing, it’s tons of fun fun fun~ But the wonderful thing about Ammons is I’m the only one~



Reblog if you are willing to roleplay crossovers between fandoms; friendships, enemies, rivals, love interests, or any and all in between!

Always and forever. I love crossovers



Reblog if you are willing to roleplay crossovers between fandoms; friendships, enemies, rivals, love interests, or any and all in between!

Always and forever. I love crossovers

Just a Stranger with a Bouzouki

Alden was a man of habit. But when in a completely new city such as Tokyo, habit also was necessary to creating a sense of comfort. These days he has been growing into the habit of playing every other day out in the public park, the same spot or at least somewhere close to it.

He has become somewhat of a regular by now, any days off would be greeted later by ‘thought you went missing the other day,’ in which he would respond in a shake of the head before he continued with whatever chord he was in. 

How Embarrassing

Rain drops pitter-pattered carelessly on the streets. Other passerbyers were trying to make their way to their destination as quick as they could, huddling themselves in an attempt to get as least wet as possible. 

Depending on if he had remembered to carry his umbrella or not, Alden rather enjoyed the unpredictability of the weather. There were no monotone voices on speakers commencing the artificial rain, just for the dead soil to soak up. It was a silly thing to appreciate, since unpredictable weather patterns don’t prove to be ideal because of droughts, flooding, and the like. Nevertheless, it was nice to get away from the monotony. 

A gust of wind blew hundreds of raindrops lightly to, and harder fro. The drops were a lot colder than he had expected in such a warm day, loosening his hold enough for the wind to steal his umbrella.

Alden’s scarf hid his irritated scowl as he attempted to follow the runaway umbrella.  

Seeing a lot of White

Alden had much on his mind today, on the positive side he was able to land a long-term substituting job, on the other more was going on in Japan as they had originally thought. Then again, he shouldn’t be so quick to trust someone like those sisters. For all he knew, she could’ve given him a fake address. 

How troublesome. 

The golden brunette leaned on the back side of a bench, messing with his scarf as he thought of the proper way to ‘word’ his report tonight. 


my character is allowed to have feelings.

if my character somehow falls for yours, whatever reason; it does NOT mean i am FORCING a ship on you. it means they develop a crush or fall in love with your character, and i really should be allowed to do so. it does not mean that you have to make your character love mine. it doesn’t mean anything. it just means my character likes yours and thats what it is.

this is also a message saying that it’s completely okay that YOUR character has feelings for mine, and if the feeling isn’t mutual, you’re gonna have to stick with that. i don’t control my character’s feelings, no matter how strange that sounds.

Fifteen things that make Ammon-mun happy.


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  • Dogs
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  • Cats
  • A series about a suicidal teacher and a classroom full of problematic students. (OMFG YESSS)
  • Days that are in the 80s F
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  • Purple
  • KitKats
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Rain
  • Security  
  • Internet
  • Music that I like
  • Pretty clothes that I’m able to wear
  • Death Note
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It’s called an Irish Bouzouki. And does a man on a park bench really surprise you?” She seemed very familiar to him. 

She didn’t heed any mind to his actions in the foreground, still kept talking, still kept that empty smile. He set his case back to the side, eyeing her.

A Senshi would prove troublesome, but it wasn’t about them exactly. But…a second death? Is Rubeus already too far gone now? Or does the cycle repeat? What of other fallen Nemesimians? Or is it just the ones who died during this battle with the Senshi of the past? This was opening more questions. 

Are you going to tell me where to find him, or not?


"But of course, darling. Why wouldn’t I?" She slowly, patiently opened her small bag, and lazily searched for a piece of paper. Ever so slowly she took note of Demando’s address.

"Send my regards to his little friend. I believe Sailor Cosmos is her name?"

He rolled his eyes as he could tell she was very well taking her damn time. Her family was always so irritating to deal with and forced others to deal with their crap whether they liked it or not. 

Sailor Cosmos? There were more Senshi? How many more? Are they all here? This could prove troublesome, unless…

What are you planning?

afterlifesoldier: hey kid [doing it for the cookie - dairy free pls]




Ammon had been separated by his parents again, something that was his fault for failing to keep up or even failing to say anything. By this point the 7 year old wasn’t afraid of being lost, but being found. A Nemesimian child didn’t belong in a place like this. Especially not alone. 

A woman’s voice called to his general direction. He turned to see if it was actually him that she was calling. 

Well she was looking at him. 

There was no “hello,” “good morning,” or even a smile accompanied by a wave, just: {Can you read sign?} It has become instilled in him to immediately ask that question to not waste anyone’s time. 

His smile grew, a big piece just for him. Although he was a little confused, a small slice of green tea? Isn’t tea made for drinking? Do they pour the tea into the cake batter? Is it still tea by that point? 

The child waited for their cakes as he peered at the server who seemed to go too slow for such a simple job. His hands now away from Setsuna’s seemed attached to each other as he subconsciously messed with and touched his fingers. 

When the cakes were brought out, two things came to pass through his mind: one, CAKE. Two, hers is GREEN. Alden tapped on her shoulder. {Is it old?} Maybe they gave her a moldy cake? 

She chuckled softly, patting his head delicately. “It’s not old, dear. It’s green because it’s made of matcha, of green tea. Like the one we drink, you see?”

Setsuna smiled affectionately at the curious little boy. There was so much he didn’t seem to know. Almost as if he didn’t…belong there?

"Why don’t you try a bite? I promise it’s fresh and delicious." She took a bite for herself. "Hmm! Delicious!"

Matcha? What’s matcha? How do you spell it? The silent child tried to somehow envision the word in his head so he could ask. But more than a few seconds passed, meaning that he waited too long and it would be rude to try by this point. Instead he just nodded in understanding. 

A bite? Trying two cakes? He was really getting spoiled today. The eager child waited until after Setsuna’s bite before trying to get his small taste. Upon putting it in his mouth and letting the flavor sink in, he wrinkled his nose as his face became a little scrunched up. 

That was all he was going to have. 

Luckily his strawberry cake was much more to his liking. It took a moment or two to get rid of the green tea taste, but he really loved the chocolate and strawberry combo going on in his mouth. After two bites he grabbed the rounded off knife and handed it to Setsuna, {can you cut a piece for me?}

Reblog if you give permission for other characters to:

  • Hate yours
  • Be rude to yours 
  • Become your character’s enemy
  • Be willing to attack/fight yours in a plot
  • Develop a bromance or platonic relationship 
  • Have or receive UNreciprocated feelings with yours
  • Team up with your character against others
  • Otherwise engage in non-romantic interactions


            d u t y means doing the things your heart may well regret.

"The hearing - speaking people in my life, they only pay attention with their ears, if they even do that much. They won’t look when I sign, they jump over words, don’t have time to read if I write it down, they only have patience for a voice - which I don’t have…
To them, it’s like the fact I can’t voice means I’m not worth paying attention to for a whole sentence!"