"Don’t worry, I know you didn’t mean to step on my tail!"

He looked around to see where the voice came from, stopping in his tracks.

In the Flower Shop Around the Corner

The golden brunette took a different route back to his apartment, his eyes shifting every so often to see if he would spot a familiar face. He debated if he should call over for some more under cover Nemesians to get more eyes in Tokyo. The only problem with that idea was: he didn’t want to stir up anything with the Senshi and make them think that the Clan was up to something again.

A deep breath came from his chest as he paused in the middle of his walk. I wonder if it wonder if it was like this with the Rabbit, years ago. Alden rose his hand to a flower petal in a pot that decorated the outside of a flower shop. A thought crossed his mind as he looked at the sign. With a shrug, he stepped inside the store. 


((Alden takes no shit. I could hear that huff from here. lol))

Haha Iknowright? 

          Don’t be deceived by my appearance

                                                I’m     S T R O N G E R     than you think


You can ask for a brand new starter whenever you want
You can ask me for a drabble anytime
Memes are fine too
M!As are always welcome
Be noisy and ask me anything!


  • You can ask for a brand new starter whenever you want
  • You can ask me for a drabble anytime
  • Memes are fine too
  • M!As are always welcome
  • Be noisy and ask me anything!
Anonymous: u should use cloud from ff7 as a FC

HA HA HA. I bet you’re the funny one in your household.” 

flowersforcerecere: The eighteen year old girl found herself wandering around the neighborhood with a flower in hand. She had just seen her. Nehelenia. The flowers told her she had returned and now CereCere found herself wandering around without knowing what to do, or how to help her sisters cope with the information. Without paying attention, she ended up bumping against someone. "I'm so sorry!" She quickly apologized.



Alden was out and about all day, trying to get himself properly situated in Tokyo. Today he had spent the better part of the day to learning where to get his certification and what was required to at the very least start subbing in a High School. 

He took it upon himself to take a break from all the searching and general busyness to pick up his bouzouki to play outside. The black case slung across his back as he looked for an area that wasn’t overly crowded. 

Unsurprising for him, somewhere along the process he was bumped into by one of those who were trotting along in their own world. The shorter teen pushing him back slightly. At least she was sorry as soon as it happened. 

It’s alright,” it wasn’t like anything was toppled over, “I can tell you weren’t all that here.

"But it’s no excuse, really, I need to pay closer attention to where I walk. Baaaka CereCere! But everyone makes mistakes, right?" She spoke nervously, although she had no idea of where here nervousness came from. Probably a general state of mind in the past few days.


"I really am sorry. Hm…Mind if I ask you a quick question?"

The brunette blinked at the slight over reaction. Her body language showed uneasiness that didn’t help with the shaping of her words. 

"Don’t worry, it’s okay. CereCere…that’s you’re name, right? Sure, go ahead and ask," he wasn’t in a strict time schedule at the moment.

Anonymous: Oh my gosh~ Who knew you were such a hunk! You should take that scarf off more often.

*Puts scarf back on*

Thank you. But I rather go on with people willing to talk to me or without dragging an interpreter everywhere I go.

Anonymous: ✰ Fix that crazy hair of yours! Yes, the fringe, put it down!

*Brushes it down*

*Keeps popping back up*

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Anonymous: ✰ talk to the lady with the extremely long starlight hair in pig tails. the one with the eyes.

…With the eyes?

knight-of-tuxedo: ✰ Kiss Rubeus in front of Demand


Anonymous: ✰ "Take off the scarf," anon demands.


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Anonymous: ✰ Talk to this guy named fiore. Say hi. He works at that flower shop in the corner.

That’s…oddly specific.