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But don’t dance in the shower. It’s slippery in there. 

*Glares intensely* 


But don’t dance in the shower. It’s slippery in there. 

*Glares intensely* 

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When there are more “How to write deaf/mute characters” than actual deaf/mute muses


This almond wants to interact with some mute/deaf characters 


I’ve had a few people send me links to this great Rap Battle on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the USA. Three ASL interpreters take turns to simultaneously interpret Wiz Khalifa singing Black and Yellow.

My favourite part is at the end, when all three join in simultaneously to sign the final chorus. Here you can really see the personal spin that each interpreter puts on the lyrics, switching signing hands and generally conveying the flow and rhythm of the song.

It’s a pity that at the same time Kimmel declares this the first Sign Rap Battle on the show, he also says it’ll probably be the last - it’s be great to see more of this, and more sign language in the media space more generally.

afterlifesoldier: hey kid [doing it for the cookie - dairy free pls]






Ammon had been separated by his parents again, something that was his fault for failing to keep up or even failing to say anything. By this point the 7 year old wasn’t afraid of being lost, but being found. A Nemesimian child didn’t belong in a place like this. Especially not alone. 

A woman’s voice called to his general direction. He turned to see if it was actually him that she was calling. 

Well she was looking at him. 

There was no “hello,” “good morning,” or even a smile accompanied by a wave, just: {Can you read sign?} It has become instilled in him to immediately ask that question to not waste anyone’s time. 

Was it normal for Earth humans to worry so much? Back in Nemesis he could roam freely without any adults and nobody paid much mind, even less when knowing about his disability. 

It was understandable for him and his parents to care more about the fact here, but the people here? He didn’t get it. To be honest, he didn’t care much about the fact either, he wasn’t missing out on the chance to have a conversation with someone other than of his school interpreter.

He still tugged on her arm. When he heard food, his grin grew {Cake.}

Cake? Setsuna had to chuckle. Asking a kid what they wanted to eat always ended up in the worst types of food out there. At least cake wasn’t so unhealthy.

"Alright, come along, I know the perfect bakery." She smiled affectionately. "My little girl enjoys being taken there." She walked, making sure to keep a slow pace and watching the boy. Luckily, the bakery wasn’t too far.

She was tempted to ask him to pick out anything, but what if his parents didn’t approve?

"What slice would you like?"

Walking and eating with strangers wasn’t very smart, especially since he was supposed to keep a low profile. Call him a stupid kid all day, but he didn’t care as much this time. 

Alden looked up at her when she made the comment. Setsuna looked as pretty as his own mother, although the former was more welcoming than the latter. 

Stepping into the bakery, his eyes looked at everything. The child was more demanding than he originally thought he would be, trying to drag her about the second that an idea even remotely interested him. He had never seen so many colors in and on cakes before, they were very limited back at home leaving the most appetizing for the wealthiest Nemesimians. 

Why was that cake pink? How did it taste? It looked horribly good, with the chocolate icing alone. He looked back and forth from Setsuna to the glass case, tapping his finger where the cake sat on the other side. 


For a while, Setsuna observed him. Those expressive eyes, probably more expressive since he couldn’t speak.

"The strawberry one then? Well, strawberry it is." She spoke kindly, turning to the woman behind the counter.

"Could I have a big slice of the strawberry cake and a slim green tea one? Thank you." She smiled politely as they took a seat somewhere near the window. The lady arrived with their orders and glasses of water.

His smile grew, a big piece just for him. Although he was a little confused, a small slice of green tea? Isn’t tea made for drinking? Do they pour the tea into the cake batter? Is it still tea by that point? 

The child waited for their cakes as he peered at the server who seemed to go too slow for such a simple job. His hands now away from Setsuna’s seemed attached to each other as he subconsciously messed with and touched his fingers. 

When the cakes were brought out, two things came to pass through his mind: one, CAKE. Two, hers is GREEN. Alden tapped on her shoulder. {Is it old?} Maybe they gave her a moldy cake? 

afterlifesoldier: I like that he is mute. It makes it more challenging especially in the kid!au to come up with ways to communicate so by writing a mute you're also helping us expanding our writing world hehe. I honestly really like ammon, it feels like you've put a lot of thought and his replies are easy to read, natural. Berthier still thinks he wears too much brown.

Really have too much fun writing him. His limitations can make it frustrating but also stimulating, because you can’t see the full extent of his expressions nor do simple but telling sounds like mumbling/laughing/humming, you have this unintentional/intentional wall constantly between muses because of his muteness or his ‘loner’ look. So there’s a heck of a lot to keep in mind when writing him.  

In fact I think that wall has only grown thicker since developing telepathy, which I rather enjoy because it shows that telepathy isn’t always a cop-out that makes everyone’s lives easier and can actually create more isolation.

 Well he’s a guy so he doesn’t care. 


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